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Get To Know: Fast-emerging Talent Tallybo

Enoch Quaison aka ‘Tallybo’ was born in Cape Coast, Ghana in 1986 but he was taken to Nigeria when he was 4yrs old because his father was there. he was there with the parents and siblings for 7yrs and we came back cause they lost their dad in Nigeria via armed robbers.

Tallybo started rapping when he was in high school, but was never serious with it until 2008 when a friend took him to a studio to feature him on his song, but the song never came out. Tallybo officially released his first song in February 2016 with a song titled ‘Paperchasing’ and he has as far released more than 30 songs up to now and still counting. Let's have a chat with Tallybo...

What are the main themes of your songs?

My music is based on my life story, the hustle and bustle and also fun part too.

When did you first get into writing music?

I started writing in my second year of high school.

Tell us about your brilliant recent EP!

My Ep ‘Lick Da Lollipop’ simply means I have something sweet for my fans to Lick.It talks my life style, the positive energy that keeps me going.

What is your single biggest inspiration for writing music?

To motivate people to know they can always improve their situation.

If you had to describe the genre of your music what would you say?

It’s hip hop with Afro flavor

Do you sing in the shower?

Yes I do sing in the shower but mostly I try to rhyme with some rap.

Is music your therapy?

Yes it’s really makes me feel good. A very good therapy for me.

What’s your tipple of choice?

Hip hop & Afro Beatz!

Any parting words - what have you got coming up?!

I have got some danceable Afromusic tunes ready to be unleashed!



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