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Get To Know: Finnish Artist TULIMERI

TULIMERI (the sea of fire in english) is an artist hailing from Finland. Having started in 1991 with computer tracker music, TULIMERI went on to pen over 20 singles and an album over the course of his musical career. Expect an electro-pop sound with 80s vibes, influenced by the likes of George Michael, Jonne Valtonen and Madonna. Let's get to know this artist a little more...

What are the main themes of your songs?

They are some kind of mental growing and self-help and love of life.

When did you first get into writing music?

I started to write music using pc computer softwares such as "trackers" in 1991. I wasn't very good but during the years skills have improved. I have also played drums since 1996 sometimes more actively and sometimes not.

Tell us about your new songs "Match made in heaven" and "The Game Is On".

"Match made in heaven" is kind of pet shop boys/George Michael styled disco house song which tells about love and passion, when your love is almost 100% match and something.

"The game is on" is both night club oriented and as well an ode to the passion of watching ice hockey. I wrote it originally in Finnish point of view but I change lyrics more internationally.

Who is your single biggest inspiration for writing music?

It's difficult to just name one but hmm let's say Finnish game/classical composer Jonne Valtonen, who also started with trackers and was the pioneer of PC computer music scene by his nickname "Purple Motion" pseudonym. He is most known not only his computer games but his still time lasting PC demo group music "2nd. reality" which is still kicks ass and has got modern sibelianic sound even it was made in 1993. That demo group Future Crew had also Skaven as other composer, who both ruled the tracker scene. I would like name same other artists as Madonna and George Michael too. Sorry there was three...

If you had to describe the genre of your music what would you say?

Electro pop. It's little bit difficult to define because I have used violins and cellos too but the main element is electro pop.

Do you sing in the shower?

Definitely! I love to sing - and also in the shower.

Is music your therapy?

Yes I can admit that. It gives both pleasure and pain but mostly just joy. I know I am quite old in this pop business but believe that music is timeless. It's not about my age. And definitely I got new nyancees and I will find some new elements during the time.

What’s your tipple of choice?

Hmm, I don't know very well tipple scene so I just advertise cool Finnish peron cider which is more sugary than the English ones are. It's nice to taste whenever one visits in Finland.

Any parting words - what have you got coming up?!

I hope that people support live music and buy cd's and merchandise. Spotify and etc doesn't give nothing to us artists so please support musicians/actors/live happenings if is possible after this "new dark age". Not just those big names. There is great music up there, so support them. I also will release for a change some salsa song just to have something different but it will last some time it finishes. Also some other songs and videos are coming later on. Love your life, sculpture it and make it beautiful!

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