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Get To Know: RGT

Ruben Gausel Torkelsen (RGT) is a genuine fan of EDM. Growing up in Norway, the now twenty-four-year-old producer has always had an affinity for the electronic side of music, from Illenium and Walker to Zedd and Garrix.

RGT is always aware of every element in a song and values every aspect with great regard, from the baseline and piano melodies to the vocalist and mixing. The fusion of electronic sounds with poppy melodies and vocal performances is proving to be quite successful for RGT, and is sure to be finding its way into your playlists soon enough!

- So firstly, how would you describe your sound? RGT: My sound is melodic and diverse. I try to never get too hung up in making one sound. I do this so that my listeners never know what comes next and for my own sake to explore and further develop my music. - What’s a typical day in the studio like for you? RGT: I always start out with a cup of coffee, or four… Turns out my parents warnings about coffee were no joke! When I’m awake and all set to do some work I try to make a moodboard for the vision of the next project that I have in my head. If inspiration doesn’t hit me at this time, I simply have to wait with making something or get drunk. I’ve gotten better at reaching for option one these days though. But there are also so many different aspects of music, I have to find the right vocalists for my projects, talk to curators, promoters, labels etc. It’s never a lazy day in the studio, even if I’m not making music. - Do you have to be in a certain mood to write a song? RGT: Moods can very often help you out when writing songs. I’m more on the producing side, so it doesn’t effect me too much. But it is really hard to force a really happy and up beat song if you are really down in life. Hard, but possible. Often when you force music, it tends to turn out worse then it should, so I always try not to do that unless I’m fighting a deadline. - Who are your three biggest musical inspirations? RGT: If we are talking all-time inspirations I have to give tribute to the man that got me into EDM in the first place Elliot Berger. I also found great inspiration in Illenium. Nicholas’ way of turning everything he touches into gold is just incredible! And last I would say R3HAB, because of how he always manage to bring something new to the table that people don’t expect. - Who is the best band you've ever seen play live? RGT: I think this has to be KISS. Their world tour about 10 years back was amazing! I have always been a sucker for classic rock, so seeing KISS on stage was a huge deal for me. - What’s the toughest part of the industry for you? RGT: The toughest part is definitely exposure. Getting your music out to the masses. I have had some success in that, which I’m grateful for. I still think my music has a whole lot of fans out there that doesn’t even know it exists, so I’m hoping my songs will find their way into new fans playlists over the next couple of years. - What’s the most enjoyable part of the industry? RGT: To be able to make something unique that no one have ever made before, and seeing people respond to it in a positive way. If my music can inspire, help or even just put a smile on someones face, I’m ecstatic! - What’s in store for you for the rest of 2021? RGT: I have a song coming out October 8th called «Start Over» with Holly Rae. A smooth melodic song with atmospheric vocals, but it still packs a little punch! And to round the year off, I am releasing a song on November 12th called «Try» with the stunning Anna Slinning. This song is going to be the perfect way to end a rather turbulent year, as Anna’s dreamy vocals will bring warmth to any cold winter day.

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