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Get To Know: Sherif Abdelmeged

Sherif Abdelmeged, an Egyptian Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, and Producer. known for his bluesy sound. He plays a powerful and inspired mix of Contemporary Blues, Lo-fi/Soul, RnB, and Alternative Rock.

Sherif first picked up a guitar at the age of 18, playing with many musicians and bands. He is heavily influenced by electric blues/rock music. We chat to Sherif about all things music as we blast his latest tune Law Eta'abelna.

So firstly, how would you describe your sound?

I would say that my music has a Blues Lofi RnB type of vibe,

this is what I usually tend to play and that's what defines my sound.

What’s a typical day in the studio like for you?

I spend most of my day at the studio, between trying new song idea, and writing lyrics.

Being daily at the studio gave me more opportunities to meet many musicians/Artists and be around talented people all the time. I guess that elevates my creativity to a whole new level.

Do you have to be in a certain mood to write a song?

Mostly when I force myself to write a song, I come up with nothing.

but somehow I find peace writing in the studio while playing my dear acoustic guitar.

that's how most of my songs came through.

Who are your three biggest musical inspirations?

I listen to all kind of music for so many hours through out the day,

so many artists as well, but you can say my influences came from John Mayer, Gary Klark jr, and Stevie Ray.

Who is the best band you've ever seen play live?

2 of my favorite Egyptian bands, Cairokee and Massar Egbari

What’s the toughest part of the industry for you?

Keeping the consistency going.

It's very hard nowadays to keep in the game, so much noise around us, and you want to be the one who got heard. that's the tough game in the music industry.

What’s the most enjoyable part of the industry?

you get surprised how people think about your music,

That's something keeps me motivated and wanna do more music to see how audience reacts to what I'm creating.

What do you have in store for 2022?

Planning for more and more shows and releasing out more new songs than last 2 years.

more collaborations on the way.

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