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Get To Know: Solo Artist Birthpush

'Birthpush' is the solo monikor or Kiernan, who we chat to today... Let's hear more about his songwriting process & releases!

Hey Kiernan! You just dropped your single ‘Lucid’ - what’s the meaning behind the track?

I've been working. Working hard as hell, doing a track a week plus mixing and producing others. I mean, I'm tired, feeling a little underwhelmed by the mild successes, and that's what the track is. It's me reflecting on the way I felt, and I felt lazy and nostalgic from a future has-been's perspective.

What’s your creative process when writing and producing a song?

It takes me a bit to write and arrange beats. I have to have something of it boil in me for a few days before it's ready. With lyrics, typically I write it and record it while I'm making the whole thing. Usually it all comes together at once and I finish the mix off over a couple days.

How would you describe your sound?

Changing. My girlfriend tells me after hearing each new song that it sounds nothing like the last. But if you had to box me in, I'd say Alt Pop or Alt Rap.

Talk us through a typical day in the studio

Conveniently, I own my own studio. It's in the second bedroom of our two room apartment. I wake up and sometimes go right to my set-up even before I eat or take a piss. I can be in there for hours, and you'll hear the same damn beat on a loop. It drives my girlfriend crazy. I usually work on the beat, track vocals, and work on the beat again. My dog Whiskey likes to sleep under my studio desk behind the mini fridge.

Who are your three biggest musical inspirations?

Poor timing, but Marilyn Manson. He gave me the gutter voice. Nirvana did too. And I love funk, too. I've been trying to find my inner Bootsy Collins lately.

Who is the best band you've ever seen play live?

I have to hand it to Badlower. Saw them at a little venue in Baltimore before they were chart-toppers. Josh Katz has a crazy energy.

Tell us about the upcoming release ‘i kno’ which features Real AF and Mishi

I had the urge to do a PARTYNEXTDOOR type track, smooth RnB Bryson Tiller type vibes. Real knows how to flow with that old school Drake kind of sound, and Mishi has this low-tone gutter voice that's rich as hell. I knew it would be the type of track that they could sit and get comfortable in, and that's exactly what they did. And as it happens, all three of us went to high school together. How often does that happen? Look out for "i kno (feat. Real AF & Mishi)" dropping around March 20.

What’s in store for Birthpush?

Man, I'm three weeks ahead of schedule, so as of right now, there are three tracks dropping once a week for the next three weeks. You can't miss this. Hit up my Instagram @birthpushx for details.


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