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Get To Know UK Singer-Songwriter Alannah

Alannah is a new singer/songwriter based in Devon. Her love for music and performing was cultivated at a young age but only was it through the recent pandemic/lockdown that re-ignited her passion for making music. “I have always written songs and poetry, it’s my therapy - putting feelings to paper, but not once had I ever showcased any of my music - until this year”. We catch up with Alannah ahead of her highly anticipated debut EP 'Alannah'.

Hey Alannah! So you've just released 'I Hope This Reaches You'. What's the meaning behind the track?

So I wrote this song during the first lockdown. I’m a new artist, and although I’ve written songs for years for my own enjoyment/therapy, this is one of the first songs I’ve actually ever shared. The song is personal, vulnerable and a huge piece of my heart went into it. As you can tell from the song title, it’s written in the style of a letter to a lost love and reflections of the past...

What's your local music scene where you are in Torquay?

There is quite a big music scene here in my hometown, before the pandemic hit there was always something going on around the Bay with live music. There is for sure lots of local talent here both bands and solo musicians. Most people have been stuck at home this year and one positive from that is I guess people have had that time to get creative, so hopefully more music to look forward too when this all blows over!

How long have you been singing for?

Well, I’ve been singing since I can remember haha! From about the age of 7 I discovered I could use my voice. At any given opportunity to get up and perform, i would grab it. I’ve mainly just been an open mic singer performing cover songs, and a bedroom singer I suppose, just having fun with it. This is my first shot in taking my music path more seriously as I’ve kept my passion to make music suppressed for years, and now look forward to performing my own gigs.

How would you describe your musical style?

I love to experiment with different styles of music, and coming from mainly singing covers, I’ve taken some time to really work out my own unique style which ultimately I would say is more pop/soul-jazz style.

So you play the guitar and piano, when did you learn?

So I started to learn guitar when I was 14, which is when I really when started to getting into writing lyrics also. Piano/keyboard is actually still a work progress! I bought one during lockdown and decided with that time, I was going to learn it and make music again.


Who were your musical influences growing up?

My Idol growing up was Christina Aguilera, I was in awe of her voice. I loved all the current pop stars of the 90s/00s. But was inspired deeper by the likes of artists Freddy mercury, Eric Clapton, Etta James and on contrary to my own style, lots of rock music!

(I guess you could say a bit of everything!)

You’ve recently released your own music, how did you find the process of creating your own material?

It just naturally flowed. The lyrics of ‘I Hope this reaches you’ came to me whilst driving, I just sang what was on my mind. After some time, I came back to the melody, and decided I would actually finish a full song (for once!) I got myself into the studio and recorded it. This year is also the first time I’ve been in a professional studio, the process has been a lot of fun!

What are your plans moving into 2021?

I look forward to the hope that live music will be back on! I would love to perform and further share my music in 2021. And also of course - create more!

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Check Out Alannah's Latest Single 'I Hope This Reaches You' on SPOTIFY HERE


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