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It's safe to say that R&B songstress Erica Body is an artist to look out for in 2023. The emerging Irish talent has been championed by BBC Introducing with her hard-hitting and eclectic brand of R&B, and we simply had to sit down with her and learn more about what makes her tick, her story so far and what life is like for this hot prospect right now. Check it out below and make sure to stream her new single 'Cry Baby' now!


Hey Erica, welcome to Curious for Music! How are you doing?

Thank you!! I’m doing great, life is exciting right now so I’m very happy and grateful!

You're causing quite a stir in the R&B and pop world, tell us about your new single 'Cry Baby - Sped Up'!

I am!? It was the 2nd song I wrote just having come off dancing with the stars. I had spent 4 months of my life on the show dancing to other peoples floor fillers, so when it was all over I wanted to write my own. Hence why I always say it’s one for the cry baby’s and the two steppers. It came from a retrospective place where I realised some old friendships/relationships were quite toxic, that when I took a step back from them I realised how a lot of the issues were never on me but they would try make me feel like the bad guy and then cry about it.

What made you want to re-release it as an up-tempo version? It really works!

To be honest.. Tik tok! I love sped up versions of my favourite songs and they’re always the first sound I go for when making tik tok’s so I said ‘F it, I’m dropping my own!’

Who are your biggest influences?

Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Mariah Carey. Just a few from a LONG list.

Why did you start making music in the first place?

Writing was always extremely cathartic for me. I was writing from as young as the age of 7. I used to keep journals, then when I was 10 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and my journals naturally progressed into poems, and from poems into songs. It was a snowball effect and I’ve been writing ever since. I don’t know a life without it!

What was your local music scene like in Ireland growing up?

Ireland has always been a very Rock/Indie heavy music industry so coming up in R&B it was always quite underground and unknown. The scene was small but super supportive with so much emerging talent like hate squead, jafaris, rejjie snow, soule (just to name a few) and now it’s in the best place it’s ever been in my opinion. Thriving.

Where do you find inspiration to write and create?

Life experiences. I could be inspired by the smaller thing just going about my day, that’s why I love to travel and push myself into new territories and out of my comfort zone whether that be the UK or America. It’s super important for growth, if it scares you, GOOD.

We see you're a producer too, how did that all start?

Funnily enough, my parents bought be an iPod touch one year for Christmas and I downloaded garage band and started making loops and then singing over them through my earphones. Eventually, I moved onto study vocals in BIMM Dublin. Without the support of my family I never would have got my first MacBook, so I downloaded Logic Pro X and the rest is history! I produced my first EP ‘Leoness’ on that MacBook. I’ve been focusing more on my songwriting over the last while, but would love to get back into producing. I’m always heavily involved in the process but would love to be more hands on, especially when I start writing my album.

And finally, what do you want the rest of 2023 to look like for Erica Cody?

Full of laughter, hard work, tours, shows & no expectations. I’m along for the ride, so whatever life is ready to throw my way!

Stream 'Cry Baby - Sped Up' here:


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