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GiGi Vega's Shiny New Music Video for 'Watchu Tryna Do?'

GiGi Vega releases her newest pop single of the year, 'Watchu Tryna Do?'. The track gives listeners a chill, upbeat rhythmic tune written by GiGi. She wrote 'Watchu Tryna Do' as a catchy, pop dance track. The music video is sassy, sleek and sexy; let's take a peek...

This is an energetic track with R&B and dance elements, addressing the one you love. It's full of desire and longing, with an insatiable rhythm and a really candid feel all in all. This is partly down to the warm tones of the intimate vocal delivery, which is further mirrored through the close-up shots in the video. There are elements of synth à la BANKS in the production, and elsewhere one can't help but think of Ariana Grande.

GiGi's acting and dancing skills are thrown into the limelight on the video too, and truly showcase this rising star as being multi-talented. It's shot in swanky locations, including a Ferrari sports car and modern open-plan house or two. Elsewhere we see GiGi bathed in pink light; dressed head-to-toe in sparkle and doing an eye-catching dance choreography.

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