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Gilska Takes Center Stage with Electrifying New Single 'Don't Need Your Love'

London-born, Sri Lankan-originating solo artist Gilska has unleashed her latest pulsating single, 'Don't Need Your Love'. Blending tight electronic music with pop tendencies, Gilska delivers an intense alternative-electronic-pop soundscape that captivates listeners. With her soulful vocals, relatable lyricism, and a touch of 80s influence, Gilska's musical artistry continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide.

In 'Don't Need Your Love', Gilska unveils the ugly truth behind a situation that was initially believed to be promising but turned out to be a manipulation and deceitful facade. The track resonates with many individuals who find themselves seeking closure in situations that no longer serve them, often at the cost of their vulnerability. Gilska aims to shed light on these experiences, empowering listeners to recognize their worth and embrace a gothic-sexy energy that allows them to be reborn.

Gilska's artistic journey began with classical training before finding her true calling in crafting edgy pop anthems. Her evolution as an artist has resulted in a soulful and hypnotic musical experience, characterized by sophisticated lyrics and captivating vocals. 'Don't Need Your Love' combines punching beats, bright soundscapes, modulated synths, layered arpeggiators, and cutting vocal samples to create an irresistible danceable vibe, infused with a hint of 80s nostalgia.

Keep an eye on this talented artist as she takes the world by storm with her hypnotic melodies and empowering messages of self-discovery and transformation. Listen to 'Don't Need Your Love' below and let yourself be swept away by her unique sonic experience that is bound to leave you craving for more.

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