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Grunge trio Sadcult To Release Musing New Track 'Rain'

UK 3-piece rock band Sadcult capture our hearts with their unique take on rock. Think thick guitar riffs and dynamic vocals in a unique shade of alternative and grunge music that will have you hooked.

Sadcult comprises of Sam Newland on guitar and vocals, Pete Critchell on Bass Guitar and Chad White on drums. This is a match made in musical heaven as these three musicians compliment each other so well on recordings and on stage alike. There is raw energy to their playing that makes these guys a cut above the rest. Take their upcoming single 'Rain' and it's clear that they are craftsmen when it comes to melody and instrumentation, putting their own spin on the alternative and grunge sub-genres.

We love how 'Rain' starts out with a field recording of rain itself, before a slick, grungy guitar invites us in. The catchiness of the guitar playing is there from the get-go, whilst also setting a tone for the song which is one of introspection and melancholy. Dreamy vocals glide effortlessly, interweaving with the music as if they're inseparable. We're well and truly hooked by the time the drums come in, the beat sweeping us off our feet even more with the gentle ebb and flow of its groove. The song evolves into a mesh of anthemic alt-rock to sway our emotions even more. Let yourself be carried away by the refreshing sound of Sadcult - you won't forget it.

'Rain' is one of four singles that is being released by the band in 2023. Rain is out this 12th February to stream and download on all major DSP's.

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