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Hauntingly beautiful ballad ‘Silence’ from DePresno

25-year-old Bjarte dePresno Borthen is a musician from Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Under his recording name dePresno, he’s known for the unique depth of his voice, a gorgeous baritone, in his releases. In the almost five years since his debut single “Friend of the Devil” dePresno has established a career in Norway as an artist and songwriter who combines critical acclaim with commercial appeal.

He released his latest album ‘Places’ in June 2021, which saw songs like ‘Bitter St’ become Spotify successes, gaining streams in the millions and increasing dePresno’s already large following in Norway and beyond. Blending genres from country, to pop and R&B, the Norwegian is keen to explore and experiment with his craft and the result is a musically diverse and hugely appealing sound that travels far and wide. 

With a big 2021, 2022 is being drawn to a close with dePresno’s second release of the year, ‘Silence’. A glistening and emotive piano ballad, dePresno’s captivating low vocal takes centre stage once again in this beautifully laid out offering. The production is delicate and building throughout, with the gentle swirls of the snares sitting underneath the soft and inviting voice that dePresno so effortlessly creates.

‘Silence’ crescendos into a bigger band performance towards the end of the track, making for an epic finish to what is an enriching, warm folk-pop song that has so much to love about it. For fans of The National and Bon Iver, dePresno holds all the keys for a modern pop-woven hit that will appeal to the many, not the few. It’s clever and immediately accessible from this young Norwegian artist, who shows his class and understated brilliance with ‘Silence’.  


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