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HM Johnsen Shares Deeply Personal Track 'Alone'

Singer-songwriter HM Johnsen does something a little different on his new track 'Alone'. The Norwegian artist has previously explored the blues, rock and indie genres to inform his music but this time has unveiled a stripped back piano ballad. The melancholic mood of the track is expressed through introspective lyrics and wistful instrumentation, as you listen you can hear how Johnsen's performance is almost cathartic for him.

HM Johnsen on the inspiration behind ‘Alone’: “I wrote the song Alone as a sort of therapy for myself at one moment last year. I was at a very low point and had no motivation, and no mood to feel happy or even laugh. I often feel that people encourage me to keep on with music and to keep on doing what I love, but at the same time, it sometimes can feel like there are no people that actually care about you as a person. I needed motivation, and someone to lift me up... So I wrote a song about this specific period of my life.” In 2020 HM Johnsen released his EP ‘Serenity’ which saw the artist push the boundaries of the genres he’d previously explored. The EP featured indie rock-driven tracks such as ‘Stay Within Range’, which earned over 100k streams on Spotify. In 2021 Johnsen released the pop-tinged ‘Build the Sky’, once again demonstrating the artist’s range and talent.

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