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Indecent Proposal New Single "Late in the Morning"

Self-described as falling somewhere “…between the acoustic stylings of

Vance Joy and the electro-indie vibes of Neon Trees with just a touch of

modern R&B including a hint of auto-tune processing tucked beneath lead

vocalist Josh Brown’s unique timbre”, this wordy assessment doesn’t

really do Indecent Proposal justice. The Duluth, Minnesota five piece’s

new single “Late in the Morning” is far less cluttered than the

aforementioned description implies. It’s far more outright guitar-heavy

than the band’s preceding single “Feeling Good” and explores a much

different demeanor.

It likewise embraces alternative rock tendencies to a greater degree.

They prove themselves to have a firm command of atmospherics from the

song’s outset. Mood comes easily in this song thanks to the patient

development of the central guitar motif and Josh Brown’s plaintive

vocals further accentuates this direction. Color is abundant as well.

There’s really no evidence of the auto-tune mentioned earlier, perhaps

evidence of their skill in the studio, but there’s no question that

“Late in the Morning” comes across as a thoroughly polished and realized


Their lyrical talents are straightforward and unpretentious. Concrete

imagery abounds throughout the song, but it nevertheless strikes a

resonant mood that many listeners will recognize. Any band who can make

the listener feel “yeah, I’ve been there” is off to a good start. The

song expands on the nearly hushed mood of its opening as its progresses

without ever veering into heretofore uncharted waters.

The guitar work is exceptional without ever succumbing to

predictability. Listeners are treated to powerfully emotive lead playing

during the song’s second half and the band raises the tempo to help

bring the song to a memorable climax. Vocalist Josh Brown excels as

well. As said earlier, the auto-tune they reference in their personal

description isn’t audible in this performance. Brown, instead, comes

across as a more than capable singer possessing a first-class alt-rock

voice, genuine presence, and a bluesy edge many listeners will find


The band has a well-put together presentation for an outfit just

beginning their journey. It’s obvious there’s a clear vision they are

pursuing for their music and these recent singles are, perhaps, only a

facet of the faces they intend on showing the world. “Late in the

Morning” has enormous potential as a concert number. It isn’t difficult

imagining the band building on its mood in a live setting. The song

suggests that the band can stretch it further than its three minutes

fifteen seconds running time and achieve even greater heights without

losing any of its immediacy.

There’s immense promise here. Listeners can expect that a band such as

this will build on that promise with further releases. It’s apparent

that Indecent Proposal are intent on being around for some time to come

and songs such as “Late in the Morning” are laying a strong foundation

for that goal to become reality. It’s well worth your time to give this

band a listen.



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