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Indie singer-songwriter J.K.B unveils reflective new offering ‘RUN’

Rising indie artist J.K.B recently shared his new single ‘RUN’, arriving with an accompanying music video.

The intimate track demonstrates J.K.B’s ability to show a more vulnerable side to his music, as he conveys raw emotion through the songwriting.

For J.K.B it was important to highlight how men often don’t feel like they open up and share their hardships but that there is no shame in doing so.

“RUN is about learning to value yourself and not accept being treated like shit. For me it's a proud moment because it shows me how far I've developed in terms of my self-image, and affirms to myself that I deserve to be loved and to be happy.” - J.K.B

‘RUN’ will be enjoyed by those who love the glistening indie soundscapes of bands such as JAWS, King Krule and Swim Deep.

Watch the music video:

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