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Indonesian Indie Rockers Kūmorebi Share Electrifying New Single ‘Trouble On A Saturday Night’

Indonesian Indie-Rock newcomers Kūmorebi explode onto the scene with their new single ‘Trouble on a Saturday Night’. Taken from their Debut EP ‘Asking for Some Time’ the four piece bring together a unique blend of synths, guitars and live drums to create a sound packed with all the joy and flair of early 00’s indie akin to the likes of The Killers and The Strokes.

Bringing together a blend of biting overdriven guitar sounds, a relentless bass line, trashing live drums and bright synth toplines, the four piece capture all the intensity and energy of live performance under lead vocalist Chaska’s edgy delivery.

Speaking about the meaning behind the new single, the band said: “The song is about ‘the chase’. It’s the high that you get when you are trying to get with another person; the adrenaline that is constantly rushing when you are putting yourself in a position to ask out someone you like, and ultimately succeeding despite the inevitable unknown.

Speaking about the new EP as a whole Chaska said: The genesis of this EP basically began in early 2020. In a cold, damp bathroom of an old New York City apartment - where the original backbones of Allegory of My Mind began to form. Once I returned to Jakarta, that’s when things really started to gain momentum. Before Allegory was completely done, I began working on another song "It's Only Natural" - which became the first single ever released by Kumorebi.

Fast forward to a couple of months later, allegory finally was finished. And 2021 is where I began finding members to fit the image of the band I had in mind. The other songs came later, most of which were collaborative endeavors that led into something special that finally ended to become what the EP is now. ”

Listen to ‘Trouble On A Saturday Night’ below:


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