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Exclusive Interview With American Artist Maxens Gomez

We had a chat with the hugely talented Maxens Gomez about inspiration, life and musical styles...

Hello, Can you tell the world more about you?

Hi guys! I’m Maxens, I was born in Grand-Prairie USA, and I’m currently living in Paris, France.

I’ve always loved music but way more since my biological parents passed away in 2009. I was so sad and I made a promise; I’ll make them proud. So I wanna make them proud through my music and I wanna make myself proud as well to make my childhood dream become a reality. So I hope you guys are ready? It's been a long time coming and now I'm here!

Thanks Maxens! We’re chuffed to be speaking with you! How’s everything going generally?

Everything is going good. I mean I try not to let the actual worldwide situation destroy my feelings or anything else. Music is the only thing that keeps me awake and the only thing that keeps my believe that there has to be a way; a way for a better world.

What sets your music apart?

I’m just following my desires. I love music. I love various styles. I could make pop-rap songs and I could make pop-rock songs... it depends on my feelings and on how I see my world at that moment.

What has your musical journey been like? Run us through your story.

I’ve always been on my own since my parents died. I do everything by myself and yes, sometimes it’s hard but I look all around me and I wonder.. Shall I cry or shall I fight? Life is a gift from god. So yes, sometimes things aren’t working the way you would want but... Just trust.

I’m in the middle of working on songs. I write, I’ll record them and probably make an album, but I’m a showman... I’ll wait a little more time so I’ll be able to perform them live.

What or who has influenced your sound and style?

Michael Jackson. Definitely. I’m also influenced by Justin Bieber in some ways. And Justin is influenced by Michael so in the end, I'm influenced by Michael.

Do you have a dream venue where you would like to perform sometime in the future?

As something symbolic for me, I'd like to have my first performing at Madison Square Garden in New York (USA)

What according to you holds the most importance; fame, respect, or money?

With money, I’ll try to help and build a better world for our children and our children’s children.

Fame, what even is fame? To have followers on TikTok? In the end are you really famous? I want people to know me for my music, something I am proud of, something we will be proud of.

So what holds the most importance is Respect. I want people to remember what I did, who I was.

What’s something that most people say about you?

I care too much and I'm too nice with people who made me suffer, but I am just like that, I'd prefer to suffer so no one has to.

For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for all those people supporting me all around the world. That means a lot to me and I cannot tell you how I love them. We're together forever.

Thanks for being patient, I promise things are coming.

Always be patient and please, Always Trust



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