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Interview with Kevynn Hudsonn

Kevynn Hudsonn is a multi-genre Singer-songwriter and producer from Brooklyn NY. His upcoming release " Mental issues " is scheduled for release on May 26th and sheds light on the other often overlooked symptoms of mental health challenges such as low self-esteem, extreme guilt, sexual incompetence, self-doubt and extreme insecurity. The song is placed in the context of an intimate relationship and the strain these challenges put on said relationship. May 2022 was chosen as the month for release as May is mental health awareness month.

1. Who is your single biggest inspiration for writing music?

That Would be, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond, John Lennon and Prince

2. What are the main themes of your songs?

There are no main themes as such, my music reflects the mood I'm in or the mood I'm trying to convey its storytelling, fantasy and reality, autobiographic at times other times just a feel good vibes. My music also serves as filters through which I view and interacts with the world at large

3. When did you first get into writing music?

I've been writing since I was 17

4. If you had to describe the genre of your music what would you say?

Multigenre for sure, I think genres definition can be so restrictive and places undue restrictions on your creativity, if you take a close look some of the most successful artist of the last 50 years or so kept pushing the boundaries of genre definition, the Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, I heard David Bowie doing a reggae track called don't look down and it blew the socks off my feet, you'd think it's Bob Marley. So my genre I'd say is Indie Pop, Alt rock, Hip Hop Reggae and RnB influences, Its not pop per se as it takes on darker and thicker layers of other influences and genres. Call it MOE Music lol Mixture Of Everything

5. Do you sing in the shower?

I can't sing period

6. Is music your therapy?

Music is both therapy and inspiration, whenever I'm feeling real down I wanna hear Guns n Roses, Thin Lizzy Or even Juice WRLD

7. What’s your tipple of choice?

Ok so tipple of choice would be a once in a blue moon shot of Jack Daniels, not really a big drinker :)

8. Any parting words - what have you got coming up?!

May 2022 is mental Health awareness month, so my next release will be on May 26th and it address the topic of mental health challenges that are often overlooked such as self doubt, Anxiety. Low self-esteem and depression, the context is that of a relationship where the guys is super insecure and rivetted Witt self doubt, it's a bit autobiographical. You can pre-save on Distrokid it's called Mental Issues. A really great song and my most honest song so far



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