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Introducing: Emerging U.S. Artist Khi

Khi is an 18 year old aspiring musician and rapper who hails from Everett, Washington. He is on pace to show the world what he has to offer. We are proud to introduce you to Khi, and also share exclusive words from the artist with you...

Khi is set to release his new single and video ‘Back in style’ this October. Khi started messing around with music during middle school but has since started to view music as a serious career; if it weren’t for this he’d probably be doing sports. He is inspired by the likes of Lil Baby, Lil Durk and Drake, and also by his family.

Khi’s creative process is that he likes to punch in and out of verses in the booth. We are honoured to have had a sneak preview of his upcoming track ‘Back in style’. It features sleek trap-style beats with a catchy vocal lead. The song is super memorable, with beautiful touches of piano and also distorted guitar interweaving with the groove.

When we asked how he would describe his music, Khi responded as follows: “My music is mostly about whats going on around my life, like what I've been through, what I’m going through, and sometimes what I want to happen in the future.”

We asked Khi what he loves most about music: “That I can be myself and also I can put my emotions and how feel onto a song instead of talking to someone because i don’t like do that so I just do it through music.”

Khi tells us what first got him into music: “In 6th grade me and my friend went to a summer jam in Seattle and when I went there, I really just started to fall in love with music; especially rap/hiphop. From there, it slowly started becoming a passion.

The official music video for ‘Back in style’ is going to be released on Khi's YouTube Page HERE

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