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Introducing REUNIØN With Their Captivating New Single 'Over The Moon'

London duo REUNIØN have just released a beautifully honest new single ‘Over the Moon’. The single is the band’s fifth offering as they continue to explore sonic landscapes which allows listeners to immerse themselves into the purely captivating music that they create. This is no different with ‘Over the Moon’ which is out now worldwide.

The track opens with soothingly delicate vocals which are allowed to take centre stage by the gracefully emotive production. Building and entwining over the duration of the whole song while feeling intimate and honest all at the same time.

“It's about that feeling you get when you meet someone and everything kind of comes into focus, it becomes about them and vice versa. It’s about that butterfly feeling but the greatest kind- the ones that make us feel weightless and like anything is possible”, explains REUNIØN. “There’s also an image astronauts took, looking back at the Earth from the moon as the sun rose across it. This song is also about getting that perspective, seeing the beauty in things and what’s really important.”

REUNIØN is the creative outlet for Eliot James and Jon Green who both have notable credits to their names. Eliot having worked with Two Door Cinema Club, Noah & The Whale, Bloc Party and Jon noted for his work with James Bay, Kylie and Linkin Park.

Press play on the official music video and lose yourself in the enthralling music that REUNIØN create:


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