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Introducing Tim Sun: A New Dawn in Electronic Music

Australian producer Sam Litchfield, known under his alias Litche, has been a prominent figure in the music scene for several years. However, as he delves deeper into his artistic journey, he finds himself traversing uncharted musical territories. Embracing this evolution, Litchfield introduces his new project alias, Tim Sun, along with its inaugural single, ‘Passerby’.

Litchfield's musical odyssey has always been intertwined with his experiences in nature and the open road. Drawing inspiration from the serenity of nature and the exhilaration of driving, he has crafted a distinct sonic identity that encapsulates the essence of his surroundings. With a loyal companion in his sausage dog, Harley, Litchfield embarks on adventurous runs along the beach and through bushlands, immersing himself in the rhythm of high-energy experimental electronic music. These excursions fuel his creativity, giving rise to new musical concepts and compositions.

This release under the moniker Tim Sun marks a significant turning point in Litchfield's career. It symbolizes a departure from his previous endeavors as Litche and signals the dawn of a new era in his artistic expedition. "Tim Sun is a new chapter for my creative journey," Litchfield explains. "I feel as though I have outgrown the previous 'Litche' project, and Tim Sun will be my new alias going forward, providing an opportunity to explore new creative territory."

At the heart of Tim Sun's musical ethos lies a fusion of electronica, breaks, and bass infusions. It embodies Litchfield's evolution as an artist, showcasing a blend of familiar elements with innovative sonic landscapes. ‘Passerby’, the debut single from Tim Sun, serves as a testament to this evolution, offering listeners a glimpse into the multifaceted soundscapes that define the project.

Tim Sun:



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