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Irresistible pop from London-based RAÍZ

Swiss born, Portuguese & Angolan singer/songwriter RAÍZ has fused with London’s multicultural music scene to venture into his newfound territory of edgy bangers and millennial pop. Following his first hit single ‘Nightmare’ which reached 24K streams in its first weeks of release, included in playlists such as Chill la Vie (35K followers) and Artists Discovery (20K followers), as well as being played on over 6 radio stations including One FM Swiss, Radio Swiss pop & Amazing radio UK – RAÍZ continues his evolving EP journey with ‘Over You’, an equally contagious song with a strong sense of individuality and truthful lyricism.

'Over You' is a rare gem - it is dark and uplifting at the same time, and has traces of The Weeknd, Purity Ring, Christine & The Queens, Justin Timberlake, FKA Twigs and others all in one. It is a melting pot of blissful melodies, vocal arrangements and harmonies, sleek synth mids and plucked groove bass.

'Nightmare' was awesome too - in this debut track, we love the slowed-down pre-choruses which are downtempo in contrast to the chorus explosion where the full groove joins and makes us wanna put on our dancing shoes. In 'Over You', around the 1:07 mark, there's a similar pause where everything is placed on hold creating suspense before tension is released and we are invited into another banger chorus.

RAÍZ is certainly carving out a very unique sound that we are beginning to recognise now, with similar elements in this new release as the first, yet he proves that he is not a record stuck on repeat and we are excited to continue this journey, exploring his new music with each fresh track. For now, we will be 100% playing these songs all winter.

Stream 'Over You', the new single, on all major platforms HERE


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