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Japanese Artist OdAkEi Shares Irresistible Alt-EDM Track 'PSYCHO'

Innovative Japanese artist OdAkEi returns with a stellar new release ‘PSYCHO’ on September 30th. The genre-bending electronic track radiates a bouncing energy and flaunts OdAkEi’s edgy vocal style. With a sleek production from multi-platinum selling Dr.R, ‘PSYCHO’ is an alternative-electronic dance track that grabs your attention with boppy synth riffs from the beginning. Underscored by the repeated growl of "I am a psycho '', OdAkEi delivers quick-witted quips about his philosophy of life in an unrelenting tempo, cementing this song as the OdAkEi-style anthem of 2022.

Watch the music video here:

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