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Jen Ella Releases Dreamy Ode to Her Own Self-Worth, “Eyes for You”

A gentle lovely lullaby “Eyes For You” shows off Jen Ella’s quiet love of friendly folk. The

arrangement keeps things to the essentials for it all has a hushed awe to it. Her voice truly ties the

whole of the piece together for there is a reassuring quality to all of it. Lyrics have a touching quality,

intimate and familiar, akin to seeing a long-lost friend after many years. Something quite splendid

happens along the whole of the journey, where there is a sense of place that gently wafts up into the

sky. With a unique kind of pastoral beauty to it, she opts for the timeless rather than the trendy,

resulting in a sound that feels life-affirming.

The fade-in for the song proves to be masterful, as she gently guides the sound along in a way

that feels so kind. By the time her voice comes into focus the sound is in full swing. With an almost rural

psychedelic element, she has a grace about her delivery that feels distinguished. Going for a quieter

sound results in a more meditative quality. Everything about it has a casual, conversational cadence to

it. Even the guitar work takes from elements of pop and slowcore, allowing the atmosphere to become

an integral part of the equation. Such a delicate balance is maintained over the course of the entire

piece resulting in something that feels pitch-perfect.

“Eyes For You” has a delicate approach proving Jen Ella to be a singer-songwriter of the highest

possible caliber.


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