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Jess Yaffa Unveils 'Run Away'

Jess Yaffa is a 21 year old pop-rock artist from New York who combines relatable lyrics with a smooth and upbeat pop/rock sound. Writing and performing all of her songs, the rising artist has returned with a new uplifting offering ‘Run Away’. Combining heavenly layered harmonies with a bold heavy beat, the fresh cut flaunts the gentle but powerful nature of Jess’ artistry.

‘Run Away’ is a rock influenced pop anthem about turning the tables in a relationship. It highlights young love as something that is first idealized and desired and progresses into a feel good, strong melody that ends with a feeling of power and toughness. It's about changing perspectives and coming into your own in the world of love and valuing what you want as your own person. - Jess Yaffa on the meaning behind the new single

With her critically acclaimed music and live performances to date, Jess Yaffa is sure to continue to make waves with her ever-growing catalogue of music.

Listen below:

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