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Jon22's 'Home Is Us (Nashville Edition)': A Soulful Promise of Unwavering Support

Singer-Songwriter Jon22 tugs at heartstrings with his latest single, 'Home Is Us (Nashville Edition),' a heartfelt ballad taken from his upcoming album 'Muse.' Hailing from Texas, Jon22 is celebrated for his poignant lyricism and genre-defying approach, seamlessly blending Country, Indie-Rock, and Psychedelic Rock to create emotionally resonant tracks that forge a deep connection with his audience. 

'Home Is Us (Nashville Edition)' emerged during a period when Jon's wife embarked on challenging journeys through South America for work, often navigating rough conditions while exploring the Amazon. The song stands as a universal promise, a pledge to be a steadfast presence for a loved one, irrespective of the challenges they face or the distance that separates them—a true 'north star' in times of trouble.

Jon22's upcoming album, 'Muse,' set for release next year, pays homage to his wife, who not only inspired him to pursue music but also features as a backing vocalist in many tracks. The album boasts notable credits, including producer and musician Salim Nourallah, John Dufilho, Christopher Holt, Billy Harvey, Nick Earl, Paul Slaven, and Rich Martin.


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