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Joseph James Releases Debut Single Release 'Valentine'

Joseph James sings his single, “Valentine,” in a breathy, deliberate way. It’s a fully orchestrated ballad and expresses love and devotion. It is both pretty and sincere.

The song’s chorus, “Would you be my Valentine,” is a phrase often uttered on or around Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark holiday for lovers celebrated every February 14. However, the holiday doesn’t seem to have

too much resemblance to the person it’s named after, Saint Valentine. It was initially referred to as the Feast of Sant Valentine and said to honor one or two Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine.



Of course, most of us now know about this day because of the Valentine’s Day card industry. All lovers are expected to, at the very least, give their special one a card, preferably a red colored type covered with plenty of hearts. Even in grade school, children exchange little innocent Valentines cards in their classrooms. It’s almost as though they’re being conditioned young to respect the day. As we get older,

especially the men in our culture are under pressure to make good on Valentine’s Day. If men don’t come through with the right gift or card, they’re viewed as failures. Then, those without a spouse or romantic partner oftentimes suffer through brokenhearted loneliness on this day for lovers. I’m not sure the martyr or martyrs wanted it this way.

During the song, James calls this object of affection his “forever sweet sixteen,” as he proposes that she become his Valentine. Sonically, the orchestrated ballad also includes female backing vocals that support James’ romantic expressions. Although James sings about being Valentines together, the song’s words don’t really make much mention of the actual holiday throughout the rest of the song. James also sings about wanting to be the other’s Valentine later in the song. What he wants this person to be, he wants to be for this other person.

The song’s overall sentiment is a welcome one. It’s a little on the old-fashioned side, which is a good thing. Yes, pop music is many times obsessed with sex. It’s getting more and more blunt about that all the time. Singers come right out and say they want to go to bed with the one they have the hots for. Too often, love and sex become nearly interchangeable terms. Not so with James, though. His single is focused on sincere, romantic love. He wants to be with this other person and express how he feels. Sure, it’s a lot more adult than, say, those tiny cards children exchange on Valentine’s Day, but there is little to

nothing expressed about physicality during the 3:12 song.


This single is also ready just in time for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it can be used as a lover’s tool by someone that might not know how to ask another to be his/her Valentine. Music has always been a kind of musical interpreter of sorts, and this specific song is readymade for the February 14 holiday. Joseph James may make music lovers swoon to his music and may also even produce a few happy couples with his new song.

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