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Josh Menon Drops “uglyboy” ft. Ovvl Eyes

Josh Menon is an indie pop/alternative artist based in Los Angeles. Fans of Porches, Oliver Tree, Wallows, or MyKey might enjoy his music. “uglyboy” ft. Ovvl Eyes dropped this 24th September. Join us as we take a listen and delve a little deeper...

This release follows Josh Menon’s groovy indie-pop tune “july” that came out in the summer. This latest song "uglyboy" is a quirky, glittering dream pop track which oozes sophistication. The production and musical arrangement are totally flawless, allowing you to fall head first into the song effortlessly. We love the slightly distorted lead which feels vintage, accompanied by modern hip-hop tinged music. The unusual choices of samples and percussive elements makes for an interesting listen from start to finish. Menon's lyrics are as kooky as the production is, and all elements work together to tell a story that is heartfelt and raw. The song erupts two thirds of the way through, with Menon's lead vocals turned up a notch, and the song feeling a little more urgent with a pulsating guitar part, before it evolves into an unusual outro. This tangent is a a little unexpected yet makes so much sense and we end up wanting to press repeat. We're pretty damn sure you'll love this one.

Stream "uglyboy" right here:

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