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Justin Arrington To Release Smooth New Track 'Insecure'

This May 28th Justin Arrington will drop his captivating new track 'Insecure', with a heart-felt message at its core and a sleek musical arrangement...

Justin Arrington is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer residing in Los Angeles, California. Justin's music is a fusion of synth-pop and R&B elements with a leaning towards dance music too. The production has a touch of Timbaland, and the vocal delivery is reminiscent of Usher.

This is a track addressed to a significant other, who is so insecure that '300 likes isn't enough'; the singer tries to reassure them, but 'no matter what I say, you think that way' he laments. He has tried but to no avail, unfortunately. There's a real sadness in the message and it's highly relatable too. We've all been there - scrolling through instagram, comparing ourselves, our bodies and lifestyles to those of others, which leaves us feeling empty. For some it gets worse than others, and affects them even more. This is a song about someone who is lost to that pressure with no hope of return, it seems.

The bass-line is dirty and hard-hitting with a smooth use of synths throughout which contrast wonderfully. We love the way the vocal melodies intertwine with elements of the musical arrangement. This is a catchy track that you'll be pressing repeat on.

The song will be available on ALL music download sites including Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify on May 28th. Pre-order 'Insecure' now right here:


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