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Kavanagh Set To Drop New Single 'Citizen 202'

Set for release, March 26th, ‘Citizen 202’ is the latest instalment from the guitar-driven outfit, Kavanagh. An explosive number that’s only under 2 minutes long, ‘Citizen 202’ is a whirlwind adventure best served on a good system. Imagine the scenes of this when heard live for the first time? One day, folks!

Kavanagh are a quintet that create innovative, youthful music with a tinge of nostalgia thrown in the mix. Sharing their thoughts on the release, Kavanagh state, “Citizen 202 is about escaping the idiosyncrasies of humanity and being a member of the universe instead, simply a part of creation. more than a human.”

Also being featured in the upcoming movie, ‘Vegan Vampires from Zorg’ with members of The Sex Pistols and New York Dolls - Citizen 202 surely has the royal treatment. Recorded at Far Heath Studios with Angus Wallace of the Prodigy and Sex Pistols acclaim, and esteemed producer Mike Bennett whose credits include The Specials, Ian Brown, The Fall and Fat White Family - ‘Citizen 202’ deserves wide recognition.


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