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Keeper Releases Music Video For New Single 'Here We Go'

Alternative rock artist Keeper has recently released his epic new single 'Here We Go'. The pop-punk infused anthem is a personal expression of growth from Keeper. The track is effortlessly intimate and personal while still retaining a high energy and stratospheric sound at the forefront.

We hear from Keeper on what the track means to him:

“Here We Go is about my social skills. Or lack of. lol I'm not the best at keeping in contact. I started feeling like I was letting down my friends and myself. The people I love and care for so much, were slowly starting to fade away, and I was not only allowing it to happen, But I was the cause itself. So, I've started to work on myself. I'm doing and I've been making a continuous effort in fixing it. I've changed job. I'm seeing mates when I can and texting them back when I can't I'm definitely not the best. It's still an issue. But I'm working on it. Things ARE better, and every step that I take to improve this will mean the relationship between me and my friends will only get stronger.”

Watch the music video here:

An exciting name on the rise, follow Keeper for more! Instagram | Twitter

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