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Kel Adore Transcends Boundaries with "Soft Eyes"

Kel Adore emerges from the vibrant LA music scene as a beacon of electropop brilliance, captivating audiences with her latest track, "Soft Eyes." Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Kel's musical journey is one of passion and discovery, leading her to craft an EP that resonates deeply with listeners on both thematic and sonic levels. 

Collaborating with Free Arlo, Kel effortlessly weaves together a tapestry of sound that is both pulsating and atmospheric. "Soft Eyes" exudes an "easy-listening" vibe, effortlessly blending electro-pop with indie-pop elements. The inclusion of electric and acoustic guitars adds a grounding texture to the track, elevating Kel's soft vocal delivery to new heights.

As Kel prepares for a dynamic year ahead, filled with new music releases and live performances across the country, "Soft Eyes" serves as a testament to her versatility as both a studio artist and a captivating live performer.


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