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Kihmy Releases Beautiful Video for New Single 'Alone With My Pillow'

Swiss-born artist Kihmy has recently dropped her brand-new track ‘Alone With My Pillow’, further showcasing her signature melancholic sound, with deep and soothing vocals and delicately played piano. Despite the track’s relatively minimal approach, with few instruments, Kihmy’s voice adds layers of substance and depth to the song.

What’s more, Kihmy released the music video for this new song over a week after the song dropped, and let me tell you… it’s a brilliant, artistic video. It perfectly portrays the feeling of the piano and lyrics throughout the track and the changes in the vibe as and when she wants to.

The verses are soft and vulnerable as she sings lyrics of confusion and feeling lost, and the music video displays this effectively as she is shown in the middle of a dark, candlelit room. But then as the chorus hits, the drumbeat speeds up, the strings sound becomes more aggressive and unsettling, and her lyrics are more direct, demanding that her love interest be honest with her. This part of the music video is more straight-forward to in that her body language becomes more confident and self-assured.

It's clear that Kihmy is a talented artist and she’s intricately created an impressive piece of art with this song and accompanying music video directed by Giacomo Sala.

Listen to the song and watch the video here:


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