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KyloRay Delivers Summery Indie-rock With New Single

Skilled artist KyloRay releases a summery love song called 'Good Morning Love' that will warm your soul and get you in the mood for the sunny season ahead. The single conveys the transparent truths about relationships, with all its up and downs, yet at the core of the song it has one simple message: true love isn't broken...

This song has a real kooky edge to it, with a chilled indie groove. There's a super catchy and memorable lead vocal from the artist, whose voice meshes so pleasingly with the musical arrangement. A melodic guitar hook glues the entire track together, with a tight bassline following closely along throughout too. We love the use of quirky vocals here and there to add texture - such as the start with 'ah ah' and then some 'ooohs' thrown in midway through. The track only lasts for 2 minutes 25, and stops quite suddenly. Yet this only makes the listener hungry for more! Hit rewind to hear it again, because this song is super moreish.

Listen to the new single here:

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