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LA Solution Center share the anthemic new single 'God Could Be Afraid Of Us All'

With his previously shared singles proving a hit across the streaming services lately, Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer LA Solution Center is back once again to share his latest genre-bending anthem ‘God Could Be Afraid Of Us All’.

Blending a mix of hard guitars, euphoric vocals, and even a rap verse for good measure, 'God Could Be Afraid Of Us All' cements all that we have come to love about LA Solution Center right now. Speaking about the new single, he said,The song is about how badly mankind has sunk in regards to ethics, environmental issues, power, money ect. The concept is that we live this life as "god fearing" people but in reality God could be the one fearing us.” Watch the new video for 'God Could Be Afraid Of Us All' below.


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