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Lady Redneck Delivers Smooth Country Flair with "Don't Try to Take Our Guns"

Stephanie "Lady Redneck" Lee is a country artist from Dallas, Texas. She truly writes from the heart, with songs touching upon true-to-life, personal stories and feelings. Her high energy performances and fun, tongue-in-cheek songs are making the world sit up and take notice of this blonde bombshell. Writing and performing mostly country music, she has a style that many can relate to. Let's take a listen to her latest track 'Don't Try to Take Our Guns'...

Stephanie grew up playing the guitar, piano, bass, fiddle, mandolin and drums. She has already enjoyed her fair share of well-deserved successes. Her single, “I Dented Your Truck” reached the top of the international iTunes country songs chart. She has also sold 42,000 CDs within the family band she grew up being a part of - they were called 'Dusty Boots' and performed all over the northwest of the U.S.

'Don't Try to Take Our Guns' has some gorgeous guitar at its core, and the very distinct voice of Lady Redneck shines through beautifully. This track is a very personal song that might not relate to everyone across the globe as it is particular to the circumstances of the singer and her people, yet we can certainly feel the depth of the message as felt by the artist. She is using music as a vehicle to voice her own fears and also as a call to action. The song itself is a powerful ballad-style track with a gentle percussive section, and a main focus on voice to really get the message to come through. There's a really cool guitar solo two thirds of the way through, mirroring the angst of this very personal and candid track.

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