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LearningToDive's new single 'Promenade' is an exceptional release

Drawing inspiration from the likes of 80's new wave and art-pop, LearningToDive's latest single is best described as creative. Artistic in many ways, this release lets your imagination run wild. Bathed in ethereal synthesisers ready to soothe your soul and distinctive strings, 'Promenade' is a bold statement that experimental music is still making waves in today's industry. Exploring alternative themes that showcases LearningToDive's complex songwriting ability, there are even subtle elements of post-punk, 80's pop and new wave thrown in the mix of things.

Sharing his thoughts on the release, Bravo Bonez, aka the mind behind the project details, “Promenade tells the story of two people who live in London and work close to Hyde Park. They often see each other from afar while walking in the park and naturally feel drawn to each other. They start going on their lunchtime walks together and eventually see each other more regularly, only to find the relationship is doomed. Promenade explores the age-old problem of two people that love each other but cannot be together. Although in unsatisfied relationships, our protagonists cannot lie to their partners and their guilt weighs on their relationship, causing it to fall apart. The song is a sad reflection on the truth, that as humans we can love more than one person at once, but in most relationships, you can really only be with one and choices have to be made”.

"Promenade" is out now and is a whirlwind adventure.


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