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Legendary Hip-Hop Artist 'Bootie Brown' Unveils New Sound In Latest Single 'Suddenly'

Legendary Hip-hop artist and producer Bootie Brown drops his latest single 'Suddenly', following the success of 'New Gold' with Gorillaz earlier this year. 'Suddenly' showcases a new electronic-focused sound, featuring vocals from 'Amy Correa Bell' and co-produced by Les Les. It's the first release from Brown's 'UltraHipFunkWave' project, blending electronic, funk, and RnB elements seamlessly.

Brown's iconic flow, known from The Pharcyde's hits, has cemented his legacy in Hip-hop. Collaborations with Gorillaz, including 'Dirty Harry,' garnered critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination. Now, Bootie Brown continues to evolve his sound, exploring the realm of electronic music. A remix of 'Suddenly' is also on the way.

Watch below;


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