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Lenny Williams New 'Baby I'm Sorry'

Lenny Williams’ single, “Baby I’m Sorry,” sounds a bit inspired by the recent #metoo movement. On its chorus, Williams apologizes for looking just a little too long at a woman. He wants to look, but he realizes staring at women is no longer acceptable (if it ever was). He may be saying he’s sorry, but he still basically objectifies this woman. “You look so good to me,” he sings at one point. He is not at all expressing being in love with her mind, that’s for sure. No matter its social/political implications, though, this soulful song is a throwback to an earlier, memorable R&B music era.

Williams sings it the way Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass used to do it during their respective heydays. These guys turned girl watching into an art. Of course, they also sang about more than mere looking.

Their songs took the listener right into the bedroom with them.

The track is built around a soulful electric guitar rhythm. There is also a sexy saxophone winding its way through the arrangement, including a well-placed solo. Williams is backed by an empathetic male backing vocal troupe, which may remind you of classic acts, such as the Temptations and Stylistics. Williams doesn’t attempt to reinvent the musical wheel, so to speak. No, he just applies tried and true

instrumental, melodic and rhythmic elements in order to create a song that may remind you of many soul favorites.

Although he is sorry for staring at one that looks so good to him. He also admits that just looking at her is not enough. Eye candy will not satisfy his urge. No, he wants to get down with this woman, which means he wants to set the same sort of bedroom scene Vandross and Pendergrass perfected in song many years ago.

The woman is so “wonderful and sexy” to Williams, he admits, “I had to bite my bottom lip.” This is a truly picturesque admission. One can just imagine Williams there trying his best to achieve self-control. Such self-control, however, is much easier said than done. It always is. He’s causing himself a touch of physical pain (biting that lip) in hopes that this act will wake him up out of his lustful trance.

If Williams’ voice sounds familiar, you may recall how he recorded the hit single, “So Very Hard To Go,” with the Oakland legends Tower of Power. He’s a veteran performer, having worked with Sly Stone, Billy

Preston and Andrae Crouch (among others) back when he was first starting out. These days, he rubs shoulders with contemporary artists, like Snoop Dogg. Therefore, he’s not just living in his past, but continuing to push his music forward.


Nevertheless, this current single – at least – has vintage, old school soul written all over it. He has the perfect voice for it, as he still has the vocal power to create a romantic mood. In the end, the guy in this song will only be sorry for staring if he doesn’t ultimately win the girl’s heart. If they can get together and make a little romance, chances are good all will be forgiven.

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