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Let Namarah Heal You With Latest Track

Like a breath of fresh air, Philadelphia-based artist Namarah produces a rich musical tapestry that explore transformation and healing. Namarah uses music not only as an art form but as a form of therapy for herself and for others.

Her latest single ‘Deia’ is an ethereal piano and percussion-led track. There is a lot of space left for the vocals which makes it sound very intimate. The lyrics are candid and reassuring: ‘Don’t be ashamed of your next mistakes’, sings Namarah as the kick of the drums becomes more intense and synth pads come swooping in, creating tons of tension, before mellowing back down once more. Towards the end of the track we hear haunting guitar melodies and samples meshed with heavenly backing vocals and piano before the track comes to its end. Such a stunning song and quite unlike anything we’ve heard before here at Curious. It is extremely cinematic and sounds like it belongs on a movie.

From an early age, Namarah fell in love with the metaphorical and creative approaches to storytelling. Theatre, comics, dance, and visual media (to name a few) impacted her so much that she sought to find a form of writing and performing that would work to thread all of these influences together. She found that it was the one place, the stage, where she could express the many parts of herself in one place and in music where she could merge art forms together. Her truly beautiful music video for ‘Deia’ is evidence of that:

When people experience Namarah there is an air of familiarity and also the very stark feeling of something new. At the core of Namarah’s art is her spirituality. She produces a sound which she she calls manna; a nod to biblical beliefs, where the children of Israel ate ‘manna from heaven’, not knowing exactly what it was but also knowing it gave them exactly what they needed. In a similar vein, she hopes that her music is for others as it is to herself - healing for the soul.

Find everything Namarah here:

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