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Little Egret Takes Flight with Debut Single 'The Balance'

Photography: Dominic Armstrong

South London's music scene is buzzing with excitement as newcomers Little Egret burst onto the scene with their infectious debut single, 'The Balance'. With hooky guitar riffs, driving Motown-influenced drums, and earworm vocal melodies, Little Egret captures a sound reminiscent of the brit-pop and indie vibes of the 90s-00s era. Produced by the acclaimed Brett Shaw (known for his work with Gorillaz, Mura Masa, Foals, Florence and the Machine), 'The Balance' offers a strikingly perfect sound despite being the band’s debut.

Describing the inspiration behind 'The Balance', Little Egret shared insights into the song's creation process. "When we were playing the song instrumentally, the little pre-chorus, the ‘I don’t want to suppress it’ came really easy and just fit well with the build of the music." This sentiment of unfiltered expression is woven throughout the track, reflecting the band's commitment to capturing raw emotion in their music.

The song's genesis traces back to a night out with the songwriter's boyfriend and friends, where they were teased for being too affectionate. This lighthearted moment inspired the band to infuse 'The Balance' with a sense of joy and spontaneity, evident in the lively instrumentation and playful samples woven throughout the track.

Musically, Little Egret draws from a diverse range of influences, blending the earnest and energetic rock of the early noughties with modern synth-jazz elements. The result is a dynamic fusion of styles that feels fresh yet familiar.

With an upcoming headline show at 93 Feet East in London on April 4th, the band is ready to captivate audiences with their infectious energy and irresistible melodies.


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