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  • lauryverdoux

Little King Releases “Amber Waves (Goodbye)”

Little King was created in 1996 by guitarist/singer/songwriter Ryan

Rosoff in El Paso, Texas. Little King has released an array of EP’s,

albums and singles during this time span. Little King’s latest single

is titled “Amber Waves (Goodbye)” and this track is electric on many


“Amber Waves (Goodbye)” features Ryan Rosoff on guitar & vocals and Matt

Dougherty on bass. All music and lyrics are by Rosoff for Mad Ball

Records (ASCAP), all rights reserved. There is an incredible amount of

depth musically on “Amber Waves (Goodbye)” as this track plays out like

a well-oiled composition. The listener will pick up on many layers that

will captivate your ears and ignite your senses.

As soon as I hit play on this single, I instantly gravitated toward the

guitar strumming because it was so well done. “Amber Waves (Goodbye)”

is original to the core and stands out vocally & musically. There is an

appealing tone & melody on this song that will keep you engaged from

start to finish. “Amber Waves (Goodbye)” is one catchy tune that will

have you involved whether you like it or not. There is a lot going on

here where a sonic landscape full of vast notes surrounds your eardrums.

Little King provides plenty of twists & turns on “Amber Waves

(Goodbye)” that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Little King’s efforts on “Amber

Waves (Goodbye)” because this band certainly delivered the goods. If

you’re in the mood for something that will excite your ears, then look

no further than “Amber Waves (Goodbye)”! I feel Little King has a lot

more tricks up the sleeve, so be ready and stay alert as “Amber Waves

(Goodbye)” sails on for ALL to hear.


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