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Litvar Releases Urgent And Explosive Anthem ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’

The three friends from Connecticut behind Litvar are back with a new song titled 'You Should Find A New Boyfriend'. They didn't choose where they grew up but they are trying to make the most out of their childhood in Willimantic. They are in some ways defined by their experiences growing up in such an unassuming place, but it’s also their battle against the status quo that comes through with such power in their genre-blending sound. They unveil their full potential in this new track released on October 28th.

We wrote ‘You Should Find a New Boyfriend’ in an Air BNB in Los Angeles during our first proper tour. Coming from small town Connecticut, flying across the country to play in a big city was very overwhelming, and so we found ourselves in our comfort zone, sitting together making music.” - Litvar

Litvar worked on a music video with award-winning film director Alejandro Montoya Marin (The Wrong Guy, Millennium Bugs, Rebel without a Crew).

Watch below: