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Litvar releases vibrant new track 'Alone (Not Lonely)'

Litvar, the American indie-rock band from Connecticut, is made of lifelong friends Rex Thurstan (he/they), Violet Falkowski (she/they) and Joe Lemieux (he/they). Coming from a small town, they use that as an asset in their music and offer something fresh. As listeners turn away from big city clichés in pursuit of music and situations they find more real, Litvar is recently gaining more attention.

After 'You Should Get A New Boyfriend's' release in 2022, the trio is back with a charismatic fusion of indie-pop and alt-rock in their brand-new single, "Alone (Not Lonely)". Lyrics like "I'll be the light, you'll be the moon, that way we'll rarely see each other" are scattered throughout this sardonic love ballad. It is about dealing with persistent pessimism and attempting to be unhappy in a cool manner.

Talking about the song, Litvar explain:

“We first started working on Alone (Not Lonely) in February of 2021, beginning with just a chopped guitar loop that became the backbone of the song. It ended up becoming one of our favorite songs to play live, so when it came time to record our second album it was at the top of the list. Recorded at New Monkey Studio (former studio of Elliot Smith), we tracked the bass, acoustic guitar, and drums live together, to try to give the recording the same feel that we put into our live performance.”

Connect with Litvar: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok


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