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Low.bō releases captivating R&B single ‘Down On My Luck’

R&B artist Low.bō has just released a delectable new single ‘Down On My Luck’. Soulful vocals are richly layered and seamlessly flow over a stripped back yet impactful soundscape on this unforgettable track.

The track is thematically grounding and cathartic as Low.bō expresses his frustration with the day to day struggles of a capitalist society.

I work a 6-6 job that I don't enjoy working and just not having the time to explore other outlets of my life such as romance or just simple pleasures because of being stuck at a job and being caught up in the cycle of capitalism and survival, Down on my luck just became the manifestation of that. Fuck a 9-5, Fuck a catch 22, live your life as free as you can". - Low.bō

Listen below:

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