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mïus unveils captivating single and announces Abstrakt album

Hungarian artist Gergely Álmos, known as mïus, is breaking new ground in the realm of electronic music. With his new single 'Last Time Ft. Raf Skowroński' and the highly anticipated album 'Abstrakt' on the horizon, mïus continues to impress audiences with his experimental soundscapes. Seamlessly blending genres and incorporating thought-provoking visuals, mïus is a creative force to be reckoned with. Let's delve into the mesmerizing world of mïus and explore his latest offerings.

In his single 'Last Time', mïus takes us on a profound musical journey. Supported by FOUR FOUR Magazine and praised for its atmospheric allure, the track features quivering synth lines and the hauntingly melancholic vocals of Raf Skowroński. From the onset, a bass-kick combination sets the rhythm, creating an entrancing atmosphere. Skowroński's emotive singing adds a layer of introspection, reflecting on the fleeting nature of certain types of love. 'Last Time' is an enthralling composition that showcases mïus' mastery of blending electronic innovation with raw emotion. mïus continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with his latest single.

Scheduled for release on June 2nd, mïus' forthcoming album, 'Abstrakt', promises to be a tour de force in the electronic music scene. The album builds upon the artist's previous singles, including 'Feather ft. Amme' and 'Slow Burn' ft. HALOSARA, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience. Each track on 'Abstrakt' contributes to a rich tapestry of sound, incorporating airy soundscapes, pulsating drums, and unexpected rhythms. With collaborations featuring Raf Skowroński, Amme, and Daniel Varga, the album showcases perfectly mïus' ability to blend elements of various musical genres.

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