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MACKAVON Drops Hot New Record Iced Out Feelings (feat. Lil Shock) - Unharmed Remix

Born in Jamaica and moving to Florida at a young age MACKAVON was introduced to many different aspects of culture that influenced his curiosity to take up music. His brand new remix-version of track Iced Out Feelings feat. Lil Shock is spine-tinglingly raw and heartfelt. There's also an awesome lofi video to pair with it. Both dropped on the 16th and are not to be missed!

Growing up in Plantation, Florida, MACKAVON was always somewhat the outsider, and music became an outlet for him through which to escape. He would eventually discover his talent and knack for drawing in crowds with rap battles, and figured that music was his destiny. His music is influenced by anime and movies, as well as legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, & Bob Marley. His own musical style is a blend of hip hop, punk, pop and more! Hear it for yourself; it isn't easily categorised, but this is a sign of something worth taking time over.

This track is a remix of a song called Iced Out Feelings. The remix was done by an artist named "Unharmed" who played the guitar on the song and did a solo at the end. We wanted to do a punk/rock kind of remix to the song. All in all, the beautiful guitar shines through, as do the candid and intimate vocals of MACKAVON himself. Solid production meets excellent musical arrangement all round. This is a track which carries a certain vulnerability, and also a strength. It's a symbol of struggle yet also of an inner-fight. We love this combination, and the song truly paints a picture of life in all its shades...

Check out this killer new track & visual below:


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