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Mamacita Matadora Shares An Electro-Punk Explosion with "I AM A BOMB"

Prepare to be blown away by "I AM A BOMB", the electrifying new single from Mamacita Matadora, an artist who defies boundaries and blends diverse art forms into a powerful creative force. Known for her work in textile design, tattoo artistry, and roller derby, Mamacita Matadora brings her multifaceted talents to the music scene, where she has already made waves as the lead singer of the post-punk band Grrrl in Brussels.

Two years ago, Mamacita Matadora returned to her Provençal roots and launched her solo project with the release of her EP RECLAIM. This new venture showcases her ability to compose and produce music with love and passion, creating raw and spontaneous sounds that celebrate the freedom of artistic expression.

"I AM A BOMB" is a standout track that captures the essence of Mamacita Matadora's electro-punk style, which she aptly describes as Électronikelepatriarcat. The song is a vibrant mix of electro and rock elements, with Mamacita Matadora's vocals shining through.

With "I AM A BOMB", Mamacita Matadora invites listeners to join her in reclaiming space, both on the stage and in the streets, often on roller skates. Her music is a call to celebrate the joy of creating for the sheer pleasure of it and encourages everyone to embrace their own creative impulses.


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