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Mark Westberg’s Day in Bullet Points

Mark Westberg, the Santa Fe based artist with tons of charisma, is here to breakdown their day in bullet points. Their latest track is 'Ghost' and if you haven't heard it yet, stream below!

•I like to put aside time to spend on some art form that I actively engage in, whether it be jamming by myself on acoustic guitar and brainstorming potential new song material, creating art pieces in the makeshift studio, working on a new piece of theatre, or playing around with lyrics.

•Getting outside in some form is extremely important to both my creativity, as well as to my overall health. I could be going on a hike in nature with friends of mine, walking by myself and exploring the surrounding areas of my neighborhood, going to a cool event downtown, or on some days, attending a meeting with Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance, of which I currently serve as a director on. Sometimes just allowing myself to exist in the moment is as vital to my own “creative process” as anything else.

•I typically like to eat a lot throughout the day, and love a wide variety of different cuisines. I absolutely cannot go a day without eating, especially since it contributes highly to my overall focus as a creator. •I almost always have a new project or a set of projects that I am working on. It could be actively working on new music recordings and/or releases, a new theatre production, auditioning and/or working on films as an actor, preparing an art show, rehearsing for an up-and-coming music performance, helping others with and contributing to their work in a collaborative effort, and of course working with the city as a director at Santa Fe HRA when it comes to events that we want to put on. Sometimes it may even involve a particular level of travel. I have never been able to sit still and work on one thing and in one area, and I enjoy it that way. •I consider myself pretty close to family, so I appreciate and enjoy all my moments with them as much as I am able to, even if on some days it’s just for a little bit. Family is extremely important to me. I also very much love my cats, Stella Noir and Pussyfoot. •Being someone who has insomnia, sleep has never come particularly early in the day for me. I enjoy throwing on horror films and/or podcasts, stargazing (Santa Fe, NM has beyond breathtaking skies for it), joining a friend of mine at a local bar, making food, or just finding something to work/improve on. Sometimes, one of the best ways for me to end a day (even a relatively negative one), is simply just to reflect and hopefully learn. Perhaps during the next day, I can contribute to the world a little bit better than the prior day.

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