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MarMar and LUUNG Collide in Infectiously Hopeful Anthem “Try”

Teaming up with the talented LUUNG, MarMar delivers “Try”, a soul-stirring track set to captivate listeners with its infectious hope and introspective depth.

Fresh off the success of his debut on Seeking Blue Records with "Call On You", Mario Pedron, the creative force behind MarMar, returns with “Try”, marking another milestone in his burgeoning career.

Written during a period of adjustment to a new life in distant surroundings, the song embodies a poignant blend of MarMar's catchy and groovy production intertwined with LUUNG’s uplifting lyrics.

LUUNG shares insights into the essence of the track, stating, “The song shares themes of longing and appreciation. I’m so in love with the life I live, and I guess the songs are just cries to not lose touch of that.

For MarMar, collaboration has always been a source of joy and inspiration. Reflecting on the process of creating “Try” with LUUNG, he expresses, “I had a lot of fun chopping up his vocals and using unique effects and reverbs while still giving space for his natural voice to shine through. He's super talented.” This synergy between the two artists shines brightly throughout the track, weaving together their distinct styles into a harmonious tapestry of sound.


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