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Marxoxo brings her unique hyperpop fairytale sound to the fore in ‘Euphoria’ music video

Marxoxo is the project of trans Filipino artist, Mar. She has been making absolute waves over the past year or so, and it’s easy to see why. A highly infectious brat-pop sound in the vein of Charli XCX, Maroxoxo is also a pioneer for the LGBTQA+ community, and speaks about her challenges so openly and honestly in her music, and channels it in such a fun and admirable manner. She has released her new EP ‘ID:Me’, and the lead single ‘Euphoria’ is the perfect introduction to Marxoxo. Fun-filled and holding a real retro garage feel to it, it’s perfect for pop fans who are looking for a party. The video is brilliantly done and shines a light on why Marxoxo is doing so well, as she creates her own fantasy world for us all to walk into. ‘Euphoria’ is a highly catchy, upbeat dance-pop track that will get you on your feet and then some, with an empowering undertone that makes her one to watch in the modern pop world. Marxoxo says “For the video, I created a literal fantasy world with myself as Sleeping Beauty complete with dress changes and a fairy godmother! It’s a royal metaphor for self actualizing and manifesting your dreams. It features Pastel Kei as the fairy god, Moistbreezy as the sleeping bestie, styling by Louis Quantrille, editing by Mar Cantos, and shot by Nat Souza.”

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